Royal Mulu to Marriott

Robert Geneid Sarawak

Nestled in the lush green vegetation on the island of Borneo, you will discover the astonishing Royal Mulu Resort. This resort offers a range of opportunities to experience the blend of comfort with nature. In this beautiful environment of breathtaking offerings, the resort has been designed above the tropical multitude of plants in the oldest rain forest in the world. 15 foot high (3metres) suspended pathways build to avoid high water levels in the wet season, connect traditional wooden longhouses to public areas. It is in close vicinity to the Gunung Mulu national park.

The Gunung Mulu National park is a treasure. This is the home for a large and varied indigenous range of flora and fauna. It is said that the fragrance of 170 species of wild orchids can be identified in the air. There are 10 specious of insectivorous plants that inhabit the national park and its surrounding areas. The remarkable landscape is the result of the movement of Australian and Asian landmasses 5 million years ago which caused the land to buckle and fold. Sandstone and limestone formations started to create the mountains of Mulu. The Gunung Mulu is a 2377metre high sandstone pinnacle and it dominates the park. In the year 2000 the park was listed as a World Heritage site.

Robert Geneid is a born Australian. Holding a degree in civil engineering and a law degree specializing in construction law and project work he worked in the legal field until he settled into the tourism industry. Today he lives and works in Sarawak and has received respectful recognition by the Malaysian tourism authorities. Robert serves as a Board member to Tourism Malaysia, Malaysian Convention and Exhibition bureau. As ardent individual and a forerunner in his field, he remains active in developing opportunities for local residents in the area.Robert Geneid is the head of Borsarmulu Resort Sdn Bhd, the holding company responsible for facilitating the development of the Royal Mulu resort.

The Royal Mulu resort is to be re-branded as the Mulu Marriott Resort & Spa in the last quarter of 2014. The resort's proximity to the Melinau river, Gunung Mulu National Park and some of the most amazing cave systems in the world may explain why the Marriott group has chosen this as its first nature resort ever. As in the style of the Marriott group, each room will have all the modern amenities and each will come with its own private balcony that overlook spectacular views.

It's an ideal nature destination offering cave exploration, kayaking, canopy walking, rock climbing and even night cruises which are just a few of the pleasurable recreational activities that visitors can enjoy. For you who are more scientifically inclined this expanse is home to one of the world's finest examples of the collapse process in Karst terrain as well as being the most studied Tropical karst area in the world.

The combination of deep canyons together with wild rivers, rainforest covered mountains, limestone zeniths and cave passages has created a setting which is without rival.